⎢⎢ 9th edition ⎢ analog mania ⎢⎢

international festival

celebrating analog photography | film | sound | typo |object | installations

this years edition´s theme is ONEicity. Artists are called to participate with ONE outstanding object, that ONE that encapsulates the whole creative identity of the artist. Define, refine, unfold your work in ONE piece exibition.

“ONE artefact to include them all, ONE embodiment to comprise them, ONE archetype to reveal them all and in the spotlight bind them.”

1-28 NOV. 2021
daily from 2 to 8 PM / or with prior online registration analogmaniafestival(at)gmail.com

Casa Tineretului // Arieș Street no. 19

13 Custom Instruments (AT) Alto Beat (AT) Florin Arhire (RO) Ash my Love / Noise Appeal (AT) Virgil Babușcov (RO) Attila Bajko (RO) Natalia Bica (RO) Sergiu Catana (RO) Alexandra Costea (RO) Early Morning (AT) Maximilian Eckhart (AT) Edith Edwina (RO) Heidi Fial (AT) Florian Fusco (AT) Thomas Glaenzel (AT) Lis Gort (AT) Cristian Graure (RO) Cosma Grosser (AT) Margit Hart (AT) Vjeran Hrpka (Hr) Chris Janka (AT) Markus Kaesller (DE) Gabi Kaiser (DE) Erwin Lackner (AT) Gabriel Kelemen (RO) Ștefan Kelemen (RO) Misa Keskenovic (Serbia) Benjamin Kiesewetter (DE) Melanie King (GB) Dr. Knoche (AT) Kontrapunk (AT) Markus Maicher (AT) Fritz Maierhofer (AT) Aurelia Meinhart (AT) Andreas Nader (AT) Alois Neuhold (AT) Eteri Nozadze (GE) Ochoresoto (AT) Marius Parghel (RO) Keyvan Paydar (Iran) Wolfgang Rahs (AT) J. M. Ribas Prous (ESP)
Pan Lab Wien (AT) Hermine Prügger (AT) Tina Rowe (GB) Rene Schaeffer (DE) Werner Schimpl (AT) Sebastian Schager (AT) Scheffenbichler & Pichler (AT) Kurt Stadler (AT) Stephan Schwarz (AT) Robert & Shanyio (RO) Shakuhagi Romania (RO) Gheorghe Șfaițer (RO) Marian Ștefan (RO)
Andi Tăuș (RO) Jörg Vogeltanz (AT) Westblock (AT)
retrospective expo:
Bebe Costinaș, Rodion GA, Gigi Tăuș, Liviu Tulbure, Nicu Vladimir

technical crew: George Allen & Bogdan Crișan
executive producer: Mihai Adrian Vilcea
scenography: Emil Kindlein & Benjamin Kiesewetter
art director: Emil Kindlein

Martirilor Youth Center // Pepinierei Street , no. 5

OchoReSotto (AT), Gabriel Kelemen (RO), BlaBla a Gruppe 77 (Alois Neuhold, Wolfgang Rahs, Kurt Stadler, Werner Schimpl, Aurelia Meinhart AT), Stephan Schwarz (AT), Ash my Love / Noise Appeal (AT), Kontrapunk (AT), Westblock (AT), Teodora Pavel (RO), Robert & Shanyio (RO)

Șagului Youth Center // Gavril Musicescu Street PT 83

Keyvan Paydar (Iran), Daliana Pavel (Ro)

Circumvalațiunii Youth Center // Zenit Street, no. 6

Xavi Bassols (ESP), Adrian Anastasiu (RO), Marius Parghel (RO)

organized by:           ambulanta-culturala alb

supported by:

partners:        Revela T Analog Mania   vinyl & music festival   Actinic5 gordon jonstone