Markus Würger

born and raised in Judenburg, Austria. Early in life he notice how art moved and motivated him. Upon finishing school, he completed a training on landscape gardening, where he found creative freedom. In 2009, he decided to devote his life to painting and deliberately refrained from studying, risking giving up other opportunities he would get from completing his studies. In 2010, he started studying on his own contemporary art as well as experimenting with expression through color combinations. He is inspired by everyday life, relationships and emotions. “My head is like an archive for me that feeds my creative flow.” I am inspired by the magic of coincidences and the amount of control I have over them.”

Markus Würger


2018, Arthotel, Wien

2018, Belvedere Schlössl, Stockerau

2018, Contemplor Galerie, Wien 1

2018, Galerie 9900, Lienz

2017, Belvedere Schlössl, Stockerau

2017, Raiffeisenbank, Judenburg

2017, Raiffeisenbank, Weisskirchen in der Steiermark

2017, „Realität und Wahnsinn“, Künstlermeile Judenburg

2013, „Kopfkino“, Künstlermeile Judenburg

2012, „Raster“, Pöls, Steiermark

2011, lange Nacht der Museen, Galerie Alpictura, Villach